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Meet the Hotel Operators of ONE Villa Hotel Domburg

When it comes to hospitality and gastronomy in Domburg, Mirjam Joziasse and Ferdie Dolk are the names that immediately spring to mind. [ER1] That's why we are proud to announce that this acclaimed duo will take ultimate responsibility for the hospitality, service, and guest experience of our discerning clientele at the high-end ONE Villa Hotel Domburg. Their involvement will elevate the already exceptionally high standards of ONE Villa Hotel Domburg to even greater heights.


Meet the Hotel Operators of ONE Villa Hotel Domburg
Ferdie Dolk and Mirjam Joziasse have been synonymous with hospitality and gastronomy in Domburg for many years. At ONE Villa Hotel Domburg, everything will revolve around hospitality, service, and guest experience. Led by Mirjam and Ferdie, the entire hotel-, restaurantteam, from dishwasher to management, will strive to achieve the highest possible quality standards expected at this exclusive hotel. By surpassing expectations, we aim to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience.


Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe
Attracting local talent will be a challenge, but Mirjam and Ferdie are focussed on assembling a professional team that takes pride in contributing to this splendid hotel concept. Since 2004, Mirjam and Ferdie have been members of 'Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe (JRE),' a European collaboration of 375 high-end restaurants and 160 luxury hotels. This membership facilitates regular knowledge exchange on top-level hospitality, with other renowned hoteliers in the four- and five-star segment.


Michelin Star
Both Mirjam and Ferdie come from families with extensive hospitality experience in and around Domburg. Their involvement in various forms of accommodations ranges from a petite B&B to renowned hotels. Mirjam and Ferdie themselves have had remarkable careers in the upper echelons of the hotel industry, extending far beyond our national borders. Chef Ferdie and restaurant manager/ hostess Mirjam were even awarded a Michelin star for their former restaurant, 'Het Groot Paradijs' in Middelburg, in 2007.
Met diverse vormen van overnachten; van een petit B&B tot gerenommeerde hotels. Ook Mirjam en Ferdie zelf hebben al een hele carrière doorlopen in de top van de hotellerie, tot ver buiten onze landsgrenzen. Chef-kok Ferdie en restaurantmanager/ gastvrouw Mirjam zijn in 2007 zelfs bekroond met een Michelinster voor hun eigen, voormalige restaurant Het Groot Paradijs in Middelburg.


The Badpaviljoen Domburg

Even now, this seasoned duo remains actively engaged in the top tiers of the hospitality sector. They oversee the gastronomic restaurant at the renowned Badpaviljoen in Domburg, which is just a stone's throw away from ONE Villa Hotel Domburg.


A Secure Investment
With their exceptional experience and ambition, Mirjam and Ferdie will professionally establish the operation of ONE Villa Hotel Domburg right from the outset. From the luxurious wellness suites, gourmet wine bar, and breakfast room to the exclusive concierge services, everything will be perfectly in place for the guests of this luxurious five-star hotel. This commitment is not only for the guests but also for the owners of the hotel suites, ensuring a secure and appreciable investment.

Short Curriculum Vitae

Mirjam Joziasse (1973)


    • VWO (pre-university education)
    • Stenden University Hotel Management 

    Working experience

    • Hyatt Regency Atlanta Downown ***** Atlanta USA
    • Hyatt Regency San Diego ***** Califonia USA
    • Roompot Zeeland Vakanties
    • Restaurantmanager, restaurant In Den Walcherschen Dolphyn Domburg
    • Restaurant Het Groot Paradijs, Middelburg - awarded a Michelin Star in 2007
    • Owner and Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Het Badpaviljoen, Domburg

    Ferdie Dolk (1968)


      • Hotelschool Ter Duinen, Koksijde, Belgium

      Working experience

      • Hotel Maison Blanche **** Leukerbad, Switzerland
      • Chef de Parti, Hotel RoosAlp ***** Verbier, Switzerland
      • Owner and Chef, Restaurant In Den Walcherschen Dolphyn, Domburg
      • Owner and Chef, Restaurant Het Groot Paradijs, Middelburg - awarded a Michelin Star in 2007
      • Owner and Chef, Restaurant Het Badpaviljoen, Domburg